Sunday 1st March, 2020

Welcome to our services today.

Tea & Coffee are served in the hall after the morning service and you are very welcome to come and join us .

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”  Psalm 122:1   

Notes for this morning:

Property Upkeep Fund: There will be a collection for the Property Upkeep Fund at the close of both services today.

Children’s Church: Children for Creche and Sunday School  go through to the hall after the second singing.

Hilton Crèche duty: Kate, Carrie and Catherine (Topic: Series 4 Week 1)

Tain Crèche duty: Isobel MacIver and Irene Kennedy

Innis Mhor: Rev Alasdair MacAulay will lead the service at 3pm today.

Sunday Evening Prayer Meeting in Tain: Meeting for prayer before the evening service is in the hall at 5.35pm.

Youth Fellowship: The YF meet tonight at 7.30pm at Rod and Emma’s home at 7.30pm.

March door duty at Tain: Duncan Maclean and Sean MacNeil

Creche duty for next Sunday. (8th March):

Hilton: Julie S, Murray and Cheryl (Topic: Series 4 Week 2)

Tain:  Mairi MacAulay and Natalie Edwards 



Hilton: 10.00am Rev. A. MacAulay   6.00 pm Rev. A. MacAulay

Tain: 11.30am  Rev. A. MacAulay   6.00pm Rev. A.  Macleod



Free Lunch:  The Free Lunch is in the hall in Hilton from 12noon – 1.30pm. Feel free to come along and bring a friend.

PAT Testing: The annual testing of all electrical equipment used in Tain church, will take place in Tain hall on Monday 2nd March at 1:30pm. All portable electrical items should be available in the hall for that time.

Christianity Explored:  Christianity Explored meets at 2pm in the hall in Hilton and at 7:30pm in the hall in Tain. (see note below)


Road to Recovery: Road to Recovery at 7pm in the Tain hall tonight.


Tain Lunch Club: Tain Lunch Club meet at mid-day. Team 1 on duty.

Mid-week Meeting: The mid-week meeting for Bible study and prayer will take place in both Hilton and Tain at 7.30pm.


Casan Beaga: Casan Beaga (Parent and Toddlers) meets in the hall at 10am.   Snack Duty: Alice Fraser & Linda Bousfield


Prayer Group: Prayer Group meet as usual at 11am at David and Anne Wilkie’s home.

Hilton Supper Evening: Supper Evening in Hilton church hall at 6pm. (see note below)

SUNDAY SERVICES for 8th March :

Hilton 10.00am: Rev. A. MacAulay  6.00 pm: Rev A. MacLeod

Tain 11.30am:  Rev A.MacAulay  6.00pm:  Rev A. MacAulay


Lord’s Prayer: The elders have agreed to introduce the Lord’s Prayer into each service at the end of the Children’s Talk, as most children never learn this prayer now. The words are printed on the back of the hard copies of the bulletin given out at the church door on Sunday morning. This will allow everyone in the congregation to recite it together and we plan to begin this morning!

New Church Fund: The fund currently stands at around £230,000. In addition to that, the sum pledged has risen to £57,900. We will be submitting a loan application to the General Trustees next month and we value prayer for that.   It is expected that there will be a lot of other applications, and it would strengthen our case if the total pledged were to increase further. If you are able to pledge a gift of money, please speak to the Clerk to the Deacons’ Court, Mr Bill Ferrier as soon as possible on 01862 810 457 or email bill.camore@gmail.com

Christianity Explored: Christianity Explored currently runs each Monday in Hilton church hall at 2pm, and in Tain church hall at 7:30pm. Each session lasts for an hour and 15 minutes. Christianity Explored is helpful if you want to know more about what it means to be a Christian. You will not be asked to contribute to discussion, but you can do so, and there is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Hilton Supper Evening: There is a supper evening in Hilton this Friday 6th Mar at 6pm. Sign-up sheets for numbers & helpers are in the hall.

Bible Study: The next Bible Study is scheduled for Tuesday 10th March at 7.30 at the home of James and Murdina. We are starting a new series on prayer, and the passage for study is Genesis 18:16-33.

Men’s Training Event: The next men’s training sessions will be on March 28th, April 25th and May 30th. They will each begin at 9:30am and last for three hours.

Women for Mission: The WFM will hold a coffee morning in Tain Church Hall on Saturday, March 14th from 10:30 – 12:30. There will also be Baking and Bric a Brac stalls. All donations welcome. If you can help, please speak to Donella Ferrier or Mary Paterson. The hall will be open on Friday 13th March from 2 – 4pm for donations and setting up.

Communion:   We are introducing an additional communion which will take place on Sunday 22nd March in Hilton at the evening service.   Tain will close that evening, to allow everyone to be together in Hilton.   There will not be a Saturday service.   The Sunday morning will be the preparatory service.   If anyone connected with the congregation wishes to profess faith and take communion for the first time, they should speak to one of the ministers or elders.


1- There is a loop system in the church and we stand to sing and remain seated for prayer

2- Any notices for the bulletin must be received by 6pm on the Thursday and should be sent to Susan Clyne.


Cheques:   All cheques must now be made payable to – Tain and Fearn Free Church of Scotland.

Please do not put “Building Fund” on the cheque as the bank has changed its rules and will now return it.   If you wish a cheque to go towards the Building Fund – please make that clear on the envelope.

Sermon Recordings:  If anybody wishes a copy of any sermon  as an MP3 recording sent via e-mail – please e-mail your request to Tom Walker on tom@tain.co.uk stating which sermon you would like.

CDs can be ordered using the forms in the vestibule.

Alternatively you can listen to the morning sermons on the church  YouTube channel. Morning sermons are usually added to our YouTube channel on Sunday afternoons.  Some evening sermons are now being added.

Church Finances:  The Deacons Court would like to encourage those who contribute to the church to consider doing so by Standing Order. Anyone who sets up a new Standing Order should also let the Assistant Treasurer, Donella Ferrier know that they have done so. Donella can be contacted by email on donellaferrier@talktalk.net or by phone on 01862 810 457.

Free-Will Envelopes: There are envelopes available for those who would like to use this method to donate to the church. Please speak to the treasurer, Donald Beaton or the Assistant Treasurer, Donella Ferrier.

Meanwhile, the Deacons Court would also urge anyone who pays tax to consider signing a Gift Aid form. This allows the church to get an additional 25% from the government, on any donations you make.

· The bank details for Ordinary Income are as follows –

Sort Code 80-06-36.  Account Number 06001724.

· The Bank Details for the New Church Fund are –

Sort Code 80-06-36.  Account Number 10090961.


If you would like a visit from Alasdair, the minister, contact him at 01862 892 156 or email him at minister@tainandfearnfreechurch.co.uk

If you would like a visit from Andrew, the Assistant minister, contact him at 01862 832 104 or email him at mowgli16b@hotmail.com

Charity No. SCO13392