HILTON WEEKLY BULLETIN Sunday 31st March, 2019

Sunday 31st March 2019

We are very pleased to welcome you to our service today.

We hope you feel welcome and trust that you will benefit from worshipping God with us.  

During the service we stand to sing and remain seated for prayer.

There is a loop system in the church

Tea/coffee are served in the hall

after the morning service today.


Pre-school, Crèche and Sunday School- The children will go through to Sunday School and Creche after the second singing.

Crèche duty today: Emma, Rona, Donna

Crèche duty next week:  Kate, Murray, Linda

Services today:

10.00 am: Rev. Alasdair MacAulay

6.00pm: Rev. David Wilkie



Free Lunch: The Free Lunch will take place tomorrow between 12 noon and 2pm in Hilton. Come along with a friend.

Note: There will be no  Free Lunches from today till after the school holidays.


Bible Study Group: The group meet at 7.30pm in the home of James and Murdina. The Topic is Peter: Learning to Learn, and the passages for study are Acts 15:1-12 and Galatians 2:11-16.

Road to Recovery: Road to Recovery meets in Tain Church Hall at 7.30pm.


Prayer Meeting and Bible Study: Meet as usual in the hall at 7:30pm


Prayer and Fellowship Time: The Prayer Group meet today as usual at David and Anne’s at 11am.

Next Sunday:

Collection at the close of both services next Sunday for the New Church Fund

10.00am:  Rev. Alasdair MacAulay

6.00pm: Rev. Alasdair MacAulay


Highland Hospice: The recent Highland Hospice collection raised £578.

New Church Fund: There is a collection at the close of both services next Sunday for the New Church Fund. In the last two months the sum of £7000 has been raised for the project through your donations and fundraising events. There is currently no indication of when the General Trustees will re-open the Loan Fund and they have now advised us to look for other possible funding sources. For that reason, we must begin to examine other options.

The estimated cost of the project is £1.1 million. We have so far raised £200,000 but we need to find funding to get us past the 50% mark before we can begin to apply to Trust Funds and grant-aiding bodies for assistance. Please make this a matter of prayer. Once the Deacons Court has its next meeting, we will report any decisions to you.

2020 Calendar: Planning has begun for the 2020 Fundraising Calendar. Could you please bear it in mind if you are taking photographs that would be suitable for it. These can be sent to Rona Grigg on catrionagrigg@gmail.com

Scottish Bible Society: The Chief Executive of the Scottish Bible Society, Elaine Duncan will report on the work of that organisation at our midweek meeting on 17th April. We will be joined by other congregations and that meeting will be in the church at 7:30pm.

Fun Run: Planning has begun for another Fun Run Fundraiser this year. The proposed date is Saturday, 11th May 2019 in the grounds of Geanies House. There will be more details in due course, but if you can help on the day, please contact Isla by email on – islascaman@gmail.com or by phone on 07779 991 132 or 01862 851 839.

Mobile Phones: We are still collecting old mobile phones to raise funds. They should be dropped off in the box at church or given directly to Samuel Robertson.

Free-Will Envelopes: There are new sets of envelopes available for those who use this method to donate to the church.   If anyone else wishes a set, please speak to one of the ministers.

Sermon Recordings:  If anybody wishes a copy of any sermon as an MP3 sent  via e-mail – please e-mail your request to Tom Walker on tom@tain.co.uk stating which sermon you would like. CDs can be ordered using the forms in the vestibule.

Alternatively you can listen to the morning sermons on YouTube  These are usually added on Sunday afternoons.  Some evening sermons are now being added.

Easy Fundraising:  We now have an easyfundraising account.   If you shop online, the church can gain a donation for every purchase you make from numerous retailers, at no cost to you.   You can sign up at the following site easyfundraising.org.uk    then follow the simple instructions to join. This service is free every time for both yourself and the church.

Church Finances:  The Deacons Court would like to encourage those who contribute to the church to consider doing so by Standing Order. Anyone who sets up a new Standing Order should also let the Assistant Treasurer, Donella Ferrier know that they have done so. Donella can be contacted by email on donellaferrier@talktalk.net or by phone on 01862 810 457.

Meanwhile, the Deacons Court would also urge anyone who pays tax to consider signing a Gift Aid form. This allows the church to get an additional 25% from the government, on any donations you make.

The bank details for Ordinary Income are as follows –

Sort Code 80-06-36.  Account Number 06001724.

The Bank Details for the New Church Fund are –

Sort Code 80-06-36.  Account Number 10090961.

Charity No. SCO13392


If you would like a visit from Alasdair, the minister, please call 01862 892 156 

or email minister@tainandfearnfreechurch.co.uk

or if you would like a visit from  Andrew, the assistant minister, please call 01862 832 104

or email mowgli16b@hotmail.com