Sunday 1st July 2018

We are very pleased to welcome you to our service today.

We hope you feel welcome and trust that you will benefit from worshipping God with us.  

During the service we stand to sing and remain seated for prayer.

Tea/coffee are served in the hall

after the morning service today.


Highland Hospice: Our annual collection for the Highland Hospice takes place today at the close of the morning service today.

Missionary Prayer Notes: The prayer notes for July and August are available at the door.

Services today: 

10.00 am – Rev. Andrew MacLeod

Pre-school, Crèche and Sunday School- The children will go through to Sunday School and Creche after the second singing. Note: The children will receive their books & certificates before they go out today.

6.00pm – Rev. Andrew MacLeod in the APC



Free Lunch: No Free Lunch until after the school holidays.


Meeting for Prayer and Bible Study:  Meeting  in the hall at 7:30pm


Prayer and Fellowship Time: Prayer Group meets at 11 am at David and Anne’s house.

Next Sunday:

10.00am: Holiday Club Family Service  taken jointly by Rev A MacAulay and Rev A Macleod

6.00pm: Rev. Alasdair MacAulay


Tain Gala Fundraiser: Thanks to everyone who helped out with the fundraising stall at the Tain Gala – those who staffed the table and those who baked and organised.

Holiday Club: The Holiday Club will run all this week.   There is a club in Hilton in the morning and in Tain in the afternoon – please pray for this work. Application forms can be downloaded from the youth page of the church website on the Youth page here . They are also available from Mairi MacAulay.

Communicant Roll: The names of Rev. Gordon Mair and Nancy Mair were added to the role of communicant members, having transferred from another congregation.

Tain and Fearn FC Accounts: There are copies of the statement of accounts for 2017 at the door.

Parking: To help with the parking situation on a Sunday morning, we have permission for you to park over at the entrance to William Paterson’s yard.  Meanwhile, if you are first to park on the grass bank across the road, try and park as far in as possible, to allow for more cars to utilise that space.

Generation Mission: There are a small number of leaflets at the door introducing “Generation”   the new name for the Mission Board of the Free Church.   If you don’t get a leaflet or you wish more information, speak to one of the ministers. You can also get information on the Free Church website.


New Church – Fundraising Notices

2019 Calendar: The photos for the 2019 Fundraising Calendar have been chosen and the calendars will be printed shortly to catch the summer tourist season.  Thanks to all those who contributed photographs and please continue to do so, as planning begins for a 2020 calendar.

Gift Aid Forms:  If you donate money to the church and you are a tax-payer – the congregation can gain additional income at no cost to you.  Therefore we would urge you to fill in this Gift Aid Form unless you have already done so.   Last year we received almost £20,000 back from the government in Gift Aid.

Easy Fundraising:  We now have an easyfundraising account.   If you shop online, the church can gain a donation for every purchase you make from numerous retailers, at no cost to you.   You can sign up at the following site easyfundraising.org.uk    then follow the simple instructions to join. This service is free every time for both yourself and the church.


Church Finances:  The Deacons Court would like to encourage those who contribute to the church to consider doing so by Standing Order.

· The bank details for Ordinary Income are as follows –

Sort Code 80-06-36.  Account Number 06001724.

· The Bank Details for the New Church Fund are –

Sort Code 80-06-36.  Account Number 10090961.


Sermon Recordings:  If anybody wishes a copy of any sermon as an MP3, via e-mail – please e-mail your request to Tom Walker on tom@tain.co.uk stating which sermon you would like.

You can find more information about us at


or on Facebook

If you would like a visit from Alasdair the minister, please call 01862 892 156 

or email minister@tainandfearnfreechurch.co.uk

or if you would like a visit from  Andrew, the assistant minister, please call 01862 832 104

or email mowgli16b@hotmail.com

 Note: There is a loop system in the church