HILTON WEEKLY BULLETIN 30th July-13th Aug 2017


Sunday 30th July – Sunday 13th August 2017

We are very pleased to welcome you to our service today.

We hope you feel welcome and trust that you will benefit from worshipping God with us.  

During the service we stand to sing and remain seated for prayer.

Tea/coffee are served in the hall

after the morning service today.

Ministers Expected:

30th July 10.00amRev. A. MacAulay   6pm – Rev. Donald MacIver

6th August:  10.00am – Dr. John Nicholls    6pm – Rev. Andy Downie – Seaboard Hall (See note below re catering)

13th August: 10.00am – Iain Alasdair Macdonald  6pm – Rev. Douglas Mackeddie

20th August: 10.00am – Rev. A. MacAulay  6pm – Joint Service in the APC


Crèche and Summer Sunday School- Children can go through to the hall after the second singing. 


Free Lunch – The Free Lunch will resume after the School Holidays.


Prayer meeting and Bible Study PM & Bible Study as usual at 7:30 pm.


Friday Prayer Group. Prayer Group at David and Anne’s, 10 Duthac Wynd at 11am.

Seaboard Hall Service: 

The Red Team are on baking-duty Sunday 6th August evening in the hall.

Seaboard Hall teas: 

We need a couple of people to replace Joan Morrison and Mary MacKenzie on the rota for teas at the joint Seaboard Hall services. Speak to Donna if you can help.

New Church Fund:  There is a collection for the New Church Fund on Sunday 6th August.

New Church Plans:  The new church plans will be displayed at a special meeting on Wed 30th August in the church hall.   The architect, Billy Reynolds will be there to answer any questions.    It is expected that the plans will remain on display for people to study them in greater detail and feedback to the Deacons Court.

Bible Study:  We are currently seeking to ascertain what interest there would be in a home Bible study.  The time and venue would depend on what suited the majority of interested people.  If you would be interested in being part of a Bible Study Group or finding our more about it, please speak to the minister or one of the elders. 

Tain Communion:  The date of the September Communion has been changed from the 4th Sunday of the month, to the third Sunday, for this year only. Tain Communion will be on the weekend of 16th and 17th September.  The guest preacher is Rev. Iver Martin.

New Church Fundraising Events

Calendars:  2018 Calendars are now available and can be purchased anytime.   They cost £5.00 Thanks to all those who contributed photos and please continue to take photos which may be used in future years.

Easy Fundraising:  We now have an easyfundraising account.   If you shop online, the church can gain a donation for every purchase you make from numerous retailers, at no cost to you.   You can sign up at the following site easyfundraising.org.uk     then follow the simple instructions to join. This service is free every time for both yourself and the church

Gift Aid Forms:  Please consider completing a Gift Aid Form if you are a tax payer and you donate to the church.

Sermon Recordings:  If anybody wishes a copy of any sermon as an MP3, via e-mail – please e-mail your request to Tom Walker on tom@tain.co.uk stating which sermon you would like.

You can find more information about us at


or on Facebook

If you would like a visit from the minister, please call 892 156 

or email minister@tainandfearnfreechurch.co.uk


Note: There is a loop system in the church