January 2017. Fundraising Committee Newsletter

This is the first Newsletter from the Fundraising Committee giving an update of activities so far.

It was decided at our initial meeting to look at what could be achieved within the first few months and what would be medium term fundraising.

To date the sum of £2,000 has been raised through stalls held at events, Catherine Skinner’s wool sale and the sale of calendars. We are also grateful to the sale organised by Catherine Walker in the church hall which raised a further £1,000.

So what lies ahead in 2017?

We are still going to be collecting jewellery, mobile phones, broken watches etc.  and we’ll provide an update during the first quarter of 2017.  We now have a “BT My Donate Page” .  This button below will take you to our page.


During the next few months our plans include: a quiz night, a swishing event (clothes swap), a gospel concert and, a recipe book.

One date for your calendar is the AUCTION being held in the Clan Ross rooms, Royal Hotel, Tain on Friday 26th May.

The auction is being coordinated by Morag Matheson and Fiona Robertson. This will take the form of a silent auction, and a catalogue will be produced of the items which will include some virtual lots. More information on this event is outlined on a separate sheet. We really hope that everyone can be involved in this event in some way and attached is a form inviting you to help with the auction lots. So it’s worthwhile circling this date on your calendar!

Other things to look out for include coffee mornings, jumble sales plus a variety of cooking challenges – so there is plenty to look forward to in 2017.  If anyone has any suggestions for fundraising activities and/or would like to be involved in any event, please contact Fiona Robertson on 01862 892170      or email fs.robertson@btinternet.com

The group would welcome and value your contributions.

On behalf of the Fundraising Committee many thanks for all your support so far and we look forward to seeing you at the events planned for 2017.


Silent Auction Details:

Silent auctions are auctions held without an auctioneer. People place their bids on sheets of paper instead. The lots could be goods or services. Examples of services are: 10 hours gardening; look after your dog for a weekend; cook a meal for 6 people in your own home; a hair-do etc.  During the course of the day you may put several bids on a lot to try to secure it. When the Auction closes the highest bidder per lot is successful.


Structure of the day

             9am – 10am  Setting up and delivery of lots.

             11am – 2pm  The Auction will be open to receive bids.

             5pm – 7pm    Auction re-opens to receive bids.

             7pm              Auction closes.

             7.30pm        Names of the successful bidders will be announced.  

                 Successful bidders will be notified to come and uplift their goods.

                 Any unsold items to be taken back by the donor.  

Attendance rota

We are hoping to set up a rota from the congregation to be in attendance for an hour on the day:

                                                     6 people for the 11am – 2pm shift 

                                                    4 people for the 5-7 pm shift.

Are you able to help?

Please note there are forms available at the church for indicating if you’re able to donate an item/or service and if you’re able to approach any business to ask if they could donate. There is also space on the form for you to indicate if you are able to help on the day of the auction. Alternatively you can phone Morag on 01862 892736 or Fiona on 01862 892170 .

Forms need to be returned by 5th February to allow time to prepare the catalogue for circulation in advance of the auction.