Sunday 19th June 2016

We are very pleased to welcome you to our service today. We hope you feel welcome and trust that you will benefit from worshipping God with us.                    

During the service we stand to sing and remain seated for prayer.


  AM   Mr Mark Macleod

   Sunday School, Pre-school class and crèche meet this morning. 

                     Children leave after the second singing.

Prize Giving Sunday School prize giving this morning.

 Tea/coffee in the hall after the morning service today

  PM  Mr Mark Macleod in the APC  


The Free Lunch takes place in Hilton on Monday running from 12 noon until 2pm. Come along and bring a friend!


Ladies Bible Study: There will be no more Ladies Bible Study until after the summer break

Prayer Meeting: This week is the Seaboard Joint Prayer Meeting – that will be in the Free Church at 7.30pm and will be taken by Mr Mark Macleod.    


The Kirk Session will meet in the manse in Tain at 7 pm.

Next Sunday    AM Rev A Macaulay (Communion)     

                                    PM Mr Mark Macleod                      

Student Placement:   Mark Macleod is staying in the home of David Ross on Shore Street, Shandwick.   The correct telephone number is 01862 832 392.   Mark’s mobile is 07828 843 155.   His email address is mailto:Mark.a.macleod@hotmail.co.uk 

Fearn Communion: The Communion preparatory service will be on Saturday night at 7.30pm taken by Mr Mark Macleod. There will be a fellowship in the hall after that service. The Lord’s Supper will be celebrated at the Sunday Morning Service which will be taken by Rev A Macaulay. The Sunday evening service will be taken by Mr Mark Macleod and will be followed by  Testimony and Fellowship in the hall.

Anyone wishing to take communion for the first time in this congregation should speak to the minister, to Mark, or to one of the elders before then.

AGM:  The AGM of Tain and Fearn Free Church will take place on Wednesday 29th June in the church hall.  The accounts for last year will be presented and there will an opportunity to ask questions at the meeting. 

New Church Fund: The total raised in this month’s New Church Fund Collection was £3205.  If anyone who contributes to the fund is a tax-payer, but has not completed a Gift Aid form, it would be beneficial to the congregation if you would consider doing that. 

New Website: The church now has a new website which can be accessed at http://tainandfearnfreechurch.highland.today/ – It was felt that this was necessary as the old website was difficult to update.  You will not be able to find the new site through Google until we redirect from the old website.

WFC Study:   It is intended to hold a study of the doctrines of the Westminster Confession of Faith, fortnightly on a Thursday evening in our hall or in the APC church. This will be led by Rev John van Eyk.If you are interested in going please let Mark know as soon as possible.

Camps Cook: There is an urgent need for a Chief Cook for the Free Church Camp in Comrie from 16th -23rd July. If you can help, please get in touch with Laura MacAulay at the Free Church Offices in Edinburgh.

Hilton School.

We hope to purchase some books for Hilton School. If you would like to contribute, please place your contribution in a marked envelope in the TTFM box.

Sermon Recordings:

If anybody wishes a copy of any sermon as an MP3, via e-mail – please e-mail your request to Tom Walker on tom@tain.co.uk stating which sermon you would like.

You can find more information about us at http://www.tainandfearnfreechurch.co.uk/
 or on Facebook

If you would like a visit from the minister, please call 892 156      or email minister@tainandfearnfreechurch.co.uk
Note: There is a loop system in the church